Dino Hunter Mobile Game

You hear a rustle in the jungle leaves behind you. Holding your rifle closer to you, you slowly turn around. Much to your relief, a young triceratops munches peacefully on some greenery. However, you shouldn't have let your guard down; before you can react, a velociraptor has pounced on you from the tall grass, and you're history! If we've learned anything from Jurassic Park, it's that dinosaurs are dangerous and need to be hunted down. Dino Hunter: Deadly Shores is a first-person shooter that operates much like Deer Hunter, except your targets are much more prehistoric. Several dino-killing missions await you in this challenging game for the Android and iOS.

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Title: Dino Hunter: Deadly Shores
Developer: Glu Mobile
Genre: Action, Hunting, Shooter, Dinosaur
Platforms: Mobile
Downloads: Android / iPhone


If you thought carnivores were the only dinosaurs you'd be hunting, you'd be wrong! There are plenty of herbivores that will find themselves on your target list, but the carnivores are by far the most deadly. Not that it's easy to be run over by an apatosaurus, you understand. Each target requires a specialized approach for a successful kill. Velociraptors aren't going to stand idly by and let you shoot them. You've got to be quick and accurate, even when it comes to the bulkier giants like the Diplodocus.

A series of missions will give you some time to earn points and upgrade your weapons. The variety of weapons isn't much different than other first-person shooter games, but you won't be complaining. Each weapon has its usefulness against particular species. For example, the crossbow may not take down a behemoth dinosaur like the T-rex, but it'll shoot a Pterodactyl out of the sky. Likewise, a shotgun will give you some quick fire power for fast-moving dinosaurs that get up close and personal.


The graphics are fairly decent for a game that's strictly for mobile devices. Just seeing the variety of dinosaur species is something that gamers and dinosaur fans alike will love. The landscape and background music add a touch of the exotic to an already surreal grouping of animal life. Touchscreen controls are easy to use, but it may take a bit to figure out how to time your shots. Missing a shot means that your target is likely to run away or, if it's a carnivore, sprint at you with the intent of eating you. Nothing sends a thrill up your spine quite like being chased down by a hulking T-rex.

That being said, the gameplay is surprisingly smooth. There are very few hiccups and slowdowns during missions, even when you're using an explosive weapon that creates a lot of fiery pixels and dinosaur bits. Speaking of explosive weapons, we just love the bazooka. It's been a secret dream of ours to hunt down prehistoric prey with rocket-propelled firepower. If you're ready to get your Jurassic on, download Dino Hunter: Deadly Shores and do some exotic hunting!